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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a direct digital marketing strategy where a business sends customized promotional or informational emails to the clients in order to promote their products or services or inform them about new offers, loyalty sales etc.

It is a very important cost-effective digital communication tool that has the ability to build stronger customer relationships and improve a brand's recognition. By following a clever email marketing campaign you will be able to keep your clients informed about your products and convince them to proceed to a purchase.

Based on the philosophy and type of your business we will set up the ideal email marketing plan in which we will design professional customizable emails for your customers that will tempt them to buy your products or services and increase your sales. 

We will be keeping track of your Email Marketing Campaign Statistics by viewing the following metrics:


The number of emails that were successfully received by your contacts.


The number of delivered emails that were opened by your contacts.


The number of recipients who clicked a link within your email.


The number of emails

that could not be delivered.

Spam Complaints

The number of recipients who reported your email as spam.

Based on these important statistics data you will collect valuable information about your audience and you 'll be able to create stronger and more effective marketing campaigns for your business.

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Email Automation

Email Automation is a digital marketing technique that lets a business send an automated email or a sequence of emails to the users who visited the business’ website and performed a specific action.

Automated emails can include order confirmation emails that are sent to the customers once they have completed an online purchase from your Eshop, shipping confirmation emails when the product is being posted, welcome emails for new website members, re-engangement emails for inactive users etc.

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