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A logo is the visual representation of your business’ identity. It should be instantly recognizable by the crowd and illustrate your vision and values. Close your eyes and think about an Apple computer. What is the first image that comes up to your mind? It is definitely a bitten apple, the company’s logo.


This is exactly the goal of a successful logo, to be unforgettable and universally known by everyone.


Our aim is to create logos that identify a business’ philosophy and mission. At the same time we want to capture the customers’ attention and send them a message of trust and professionalism.

In order to reach our goals we follow these logo design principles:

  • Minimal and classy design.​

  • Create iconic elements and symbols. 

  • Memorable design.

  • Pick colours based on the emotions you want the customers to experience. Focus on the rules of Color Psychology.

  • Use a unique and easy-to-read Font.

  • High quality design in ideal dimensions for printing.

  • Be unique and avoid using stock vectors.


Technological advancements have changed completely the way we communicate. New digital technologies brought major improvements in the field of communications and connecting with other people has become easier, faster and more secure. In the world of business everyone prefers digital marketing and internet-related solutions. Based on this new digital era there are plenty of people who believe that business cards are outdated. But in reality this is not true. The reason is because not everyone is an internet enthusiast.

Every potential customer is equally important for your business. By going completely digital you are risking to lose future clients who are not familiar with internet technologies. This is why a traditional business card is a strong marketing tool for your company. It is far more convenient and easy to give your business card to a potential client than asking him about his phone number or email. At the same time a high quality business card will convince the recipient of your professionalism and will make him refer your business to others.

We design high quality ''impresion building'' business cards that send a strong message of trust and attract new customers to your business. 

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gooiz logo, home page

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