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Growing a Start-up Business is not an easy task. It takes time, patience, research and effective planning. Creating a strong strategic plan for your new business is the key factor to growth and success. We will help you carry out a market research in order to collect vital information for your marketing strategies and be able to build a strong brand identity for your company that will help you stand out of the crowd and attract new customers.

Together we will identify your business' philosophy and mission and we will set the path to your brand's success and recognition.


We want to learn your story and set up your goals. We will ask you to give us an in-depth detailed analysis of your company’s mission in order to collect the information we need to create your Brand Identiy.

At the same time we 'll perform an updated market research and an analysis of  your antagonists. In this way we will choose the right plan to help you stand out of the crowd and build a strong online presence.


Our aim is to create a strong effective strategic plan that will distinguish your brand from your competitors.


The first step is to create your logo. A logo is the visual representation of your business’ identity. It should be instantly recognizable by the crowd, capture the customers’ attention and be able to send a message of trust and professionalism.


Your logo will be used almost everywhere (on your website, on your official social media accounts, on your business card, on your brochures, on your marketing campaigns etc) and should illustrate your business' philosophy and values.


We will create your official business page account on Social Media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Profile, Linkedln, YouTube) by using your brand's name as the page's username. 

This must be done before your business becomes famous to avoid the scenario where someone else uses your brand’s name to create a business page in order to gain traffic and popularity from your publicity.


The next step is to create your official website. 

Based on your business goals and vision we design innovative high-end websites  that evoke your brand identity and help you grow your business online.

We never use pre-made templates. We create 100% custom web designs. Your Website should act as a mirror of your business. A unique and responsive design helps your brand stand out of the crowd and converts your visitors into paying customers.

5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Our SEO strategies focus on your customers’ search behaviour. Based on your brand we determine which keywords a potential client might use in search engines in order to find your web content. By finding the ideal keywords we are helping search engines identify your content, index your website and improve your ranking on search results.

Our aim is to boost your online visibility in order to attract new potential customers and increase your business sales and profitability.


(Business Cards, Brochures, Booklets, Flyers)

New digital technologies brought major improvements in the field of communications and connecting with other people has become easier, faster and more secure. In the world of business everyone prefers digital marketing and internet-related solutions. Based on this new digital era there are plenty of people who believe that printed materials are outdated.

But in reality this is not true. The reason is because not everyone is an internet enthusiast. Every potential customer is equally important for your business. By going completely digital you are risking to lose future clients who are not familiar with internet technologies. It is far more convenient and easy to give your business card to a potential client than asking him about his phone number or email.


We design high quality ''impresion building'' Business Cards, Brochures, Booklets and Flyers that send a strong message of trust and porfessionalism and attract new customers to your business.


If you want to increase your online presence you need Social Media Content Creation. Content creation informs people about your brand and displays your expertise in your industry


Before proceeding to Content Creation you need to find your target audience. The target audience is the group of people who are most likely to be interested about your business and become your future customers.

Based on your target audience we create high quality content for your social media that brings new followers to your page. Regular interesting posts earn interactions from your audience (Likes, Shares, Comments, Follows) and help you grow your reach and build brand awareness. 


Providing premium customer support helps your business build stronger customer relationships. You need to respond quickly to your customers’ messages and be able to resolve possible issues in a professional manner. By listening to your customers you can learn details about their preferences and needs and this will help you identify opportunities to improve your future strategies. Creating an outstanding customer experience will keep your clients satisfied. Satisfied customers are willing to recommend your business to their friends and family and this works as a more cost-effective form of marketing known as word-of-mouth marketing. Word-by-mouth marketing encourages customer loyalty, preserves your brand’s image and increases your sales and profit.


Paid advertising will drive more traffic to your website and convert your visitors into customers.

We create top performing social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to build brand recognition and increase brand awareness. We choose the ideal visual elements to design an eye-catching Ad that makes a great first impression and attracts new customers to your business. Our aim is to work on your Ad campaign until you reach your sales goals.

We follow a specific strategy to improve your ranking in Google search results. We manage to advertise your products or services in numerous websites and web applications and we promote your personalized videos on YouTube.


Email Marketing is a direct digital marketing strategy where a business sends customized promotional or informational emails to the clients in order to promote their products or services or inform them about new offers, loyalty sales etc.

Based on the philosophy and type of your business we will set up the ideal email marketing plan in which we will design professional customizable emails for your customers that will tempt them to buy your products or services and increase your sales. 


Retargeting is a powerful digital marketing tool that gives you the ability to display your ads to users who have previously visited your Website or Facebook Page but didn’t proceed to a purchase. The idea behind this type of campaign is to target the users who have already showed an interest to your products or services, remind them about your brand and convert them into customers.


After you have implemented your strategic plan you need to evaluate its success. We can do this by analyzing specific marketing data based on the following questions:

1. Did you meet your Brand Awareness goals?

2. Do you attract enough customers?

3. Did you meet your Lead Generation goals?

4. Does your website get a high rank on Google?

5. Do you have a good ROI (Return On Investment)?


Continuous improvement will help your business stay ahead of the competition. 

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