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Can i see who viewed my facebook profile?

Is there a way i see who viewed my facebook profile?

🎯One of the most frequent customer request we get  is whether or not there is a way for someone to find out who is viewing his Facebook account. There are numerous applications claiming that they are able to show who is viewing your Facebook Profile but they all turn to be unable to perform this action and most of them are even trying to steal your personal data.


👉Lately a simple hack named BUDDY ID appeared on various technology forums and managed to convince even professional programmers that is the only way to find out who is viewing your profile.

🌐Facebook made an announcement saying that this is definitely a hoax and the user list that the app is showing is nothing more than a random list of your friends.

👨🏻‍💻But programmers are still claiming that Buddy Id is indeed a very reliable way to view your Facebook visitors and they believe that Facebook denies this fact in order to avoid admitting that the company suffers from inadequate user personal data protection.


🖥️After trying the hack we tend to believe that it looks extremely reliable but we cannot guarantee that the list results is 100% accurate.


How can i see who viewed my facebook profile?

If you want to check this out follow the steps below:


  1. Log in to your Facebook account from your laptop/PC.

  2. Right Click anywhere on the page and choose View Page Source or Page Source depending on browser type.

  3. A new window will open with Facebook’s Source Code. Press Ctrl+F in order to open the Search Box at the top of your screen.

  4. Type the phrase BUDDY_ID in the Search Box and press Enter.

  5. A Highlighted buddy_id will appear in the Page Source window. Check the number and the name that appears after the highlighted buddy_id. This is the Facebook friend who views your Facebook profile more than anyone else in your friends list.

  6. Next to the Search box you will find 2 small arrows along with the numbers 1 to 200. Press the right arrow in order to find the rest of your friends who view your account the most.

🔄Duplicate names are the users who see your profile along with your story.

📌Users who appear only with a string of numbers and not with their name are users who view your profile without being in your friends list.

🥇Users in the first rankings might be users that are having the most engagement with you for example having regular chats on Messenger, regular likes on your photos etc.


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